Standard Python tuples are lightweight sequences of immutable objects, yet their implementation may prove inconvenient in some scenarios.

Instead, the collections module provides an enhanced version of a tuple, namedtuple, that makes member access more natural (rather than using integer indexes).

Import namedtuple:

from collections import namedtuple

Create a namedtuple object:

point = namedtuple('3DPoint', 'x y z')
A = point(x=3, y=5, z=6)
# 3DPoint(x=3, y=5, z=6)

Access a specific member:

# 3

Because namedtuples are backwards compatible with normal tuples, member access can be also done with indexes:

# 3

To convert a namedtuple to a dict (Actually an OrderedDict):

#OrderedDict([('x', 3), ('y', 5), ('z', 6)])