For the last 2 years, I think I have been guilty of abusing this domain. The domain is which is an Indonesian special TLD, yet I have been using it for writing English content (well actually nothing’s wrong with it). Also, there is a domain that I really want: It’s really concise, have my name on it and ends with IO (input output) and that sounds so “techie” I think.

Well then I am impulsively buying the domain almost a month ago and just yesterday set up a blog on it with the help from Hugo.

What’s next?

My new blog already hosted on Netlify, which is a far more superior static site hosting than firebase hosting. I will move this one to Netlify too and redirect people to based on geo IP location. I’ll keep my new blog simplicity, unlike the old one which has more feature than most of the static site, making the site build process too long.