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Debug Bad Commit with Binary Search

Let’s say you just pushed out a release of your code to a production environment, you’re getting bug reports about something that wasn’t happening in your development environment, and you can’t imagine why the code is doing that. You go back to your code, and it turns out you can reproduce the issue, but you can’t figure out what is going wrong. The git bisect tool helps to identify the commit that introduced a bug. Continue reading

Add Autocorrect to Git

If you want git to correct typos you can set help.autocorrect: $ git config --global help.autocorrect 30 You set help.autocorrect to an integer representing the time you have to change your mind before git executes the command (1 = 0.1 seconds). For example: $ git comit WARNING: You called a git command named 'comit', which does not exist. Continuing under the assumption that you meant 'commit' in 3 seconds automatically. Continue reading

Do Git Pull When Git Push Failed


Don’t you hate it when you’re gonna push your code to git repository and find out someone just push earlier and you must do git pull and re-push again ?

I made a simple and dumb bash script to do a git pull when git push is failed because you need to git pull first. Well, this is the script.

Continue reading