Rezha Julio

The Hard Coded Chemist

What happened to self-hosted blogs?

I remember a while ago when all of us run a personal blog on the Internet. And I mean personal, not hosted on some side platform or an addition to their website. I mean personal. Companies and individuals are now using Medium platforms to host and support all their articles, essays and case studies. I understand the drawing and can even list the positive elements: Under the Medium brand there is already a large community. Continue reading

New Blog, New Domain

For the last 2 years, I think I have been guilty of abusing this domain. The domain is which is an Indonesian special TLD, yet I have been using it for writing English content (well actually nothing’s wrong with it). Also, there is a domain that I really want: It’s really concise, have my name on it and ends with IO (input output) and that sounds so “techie” I think. Continue reading

Is Schemaless Databases Really Exists?

There’s no such thing as a schemaless database. I know, lots of people want a schemaless database, and lots of companies are promoting their products as schemaless DBMSs. And schemaless DBMSs exist. But schemaless databases are mythical beasts because there is always a schema somewhere. Usually in multiple places, which I will later claim is what causes grief. There Is Always A Schema We should define “schema” first. It comes from Greek roots, meaning “form, figure” according to my dictionary. Continue reading